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  • What protein/amino acids are in hair

    There has been scientifically proven research done to show that amino acids are actually linked to your hair growth. Being able to consume a diet that has a lot of amino acids, can actually help your hair to grow in thicker and faster and even prevent hair loss.

    There are well over 20 different amino acids that play a huge role in how our body works. Only 12 of those, are produced within our body. The rest we have to find a way to put them in our diets and through supplements.

    Hair is mainly made up of the protein Keratin that will give you hair strength. There are only 4 major amino acids that really help hair growth while the others help your hair, skin, and nails.


    This is a crucial amino acid for hair growth. It helps to produce healthy hair growth as well as stimulates new hair growth. It is a big antioxidant that shields your hair from damage. It also provides the needed Sulphur to your hair cells to improve strength and texture. You can get this by eating yogurt, broccoli, milk, chicken, brussels sprouts, and wheat germ.


    This amino acid is a brick house. It is used to battle hair loss. You can find it sesame seeds, cereal grains, eggs, fish, and brazil nuts.


    This is a power house of nitric oxide and it is big for stimulating hair growth. This amino acid pumps up the supply of blood to the root of your hair. You can get it from sesame seeds, wheat germ, fish, sunflower seeds, coconuts, hazelnuts, and cashews.


    This is naturally produced in our bodies and it is responsible for the coloration of your hair and skin. This is what produces melanin. It also helps with depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. You can get this from dairy and soy products, fish, pumpkin seeds, lima beans, and almonds.

  • What is Biotin?

    Biotin also known as Vitamin B7, happens to be a water soluble vitamin that is considered one of the main parts of the vitamin B complex, which happens to be a group of main nutrients that is needed for healthy digestive, metabolic, cardiovascular, and nerve functions.

    Biotin essentially acts as a co-enzyme in your body that is needed for the metabolism of your fatty acids, glucose, and amino acids. This means that whenever we eat foods that are the needed sources of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, Biotin needs to be present in order to convert as well as use these particular macro-nutrients for your body’s energy, which is in turn used to carry out your physical activities and for good psychological functions.

    Biotin also happens to be a nutrient that helps to keep you keep an attractive and youthful appearance because it plays a big part in maintaining the health of skin, nails, and hair. Biotin also has the nickname H Vitamin, which comes from Haar and Haut, which means hair and skin. Biotin is normally added to many skin and hair products, but it is not fully beneficial if it is absorbed through the skin because it needs to be ingested to be actually beneficial.

    You can find biotin in foods such as eggs, cauliflower, organ meats, fish, mushrooms, avocado, berries and legumes.



  • Shampoos for hair growth

    There is nothing more discouraging than having thinning or slow growing hair. Every shampoo and dye commercial is almost like a slap to the face. Everyone you know has silky and long tresses. It is because of this that most people turn to shampoo for growing hair in order to help boost the production of hair. There are a lot of issues that cause hair loss and slow growth, which include genetics, clogged follicles, poor diet, and poor circulation. Below are great hair growth shampoos.


    FoliRevita Hair Volumizing and Regrowth Formula

    This is a really inexpensive shampoo that helps with hair regrowth as well as helps to prevent hair loss and hair fall that contains ingredients like Niacin, Mango Seed Butter, and Saw Palmetto extract. This is great because it feels like you are actually getting thicker hair with more volume. It also has a nice citrus smell that leaves you refreshed after using it. But, it is pretty thick and hard to lather up.

    PURA D’OR Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo with Argan Oil

    This is a really popular shampoo that is equipped with Biotin and Niacin. It also has argan oil and green tea extracts that help to balance out your scalp. Your hair will become stronger and firmer when it comes to texture after being used for a while. It helps to reduce hair fall as well. But also is known for drying out hair so it is best to use it with a really good conditioner.


  • healthy diet and hair growth

    The secret to having that strong, thick, and shiny hair isn’t the type of expensive shampoo that you use or salon treatments that cost a lot. It is all about what you are eating. Eating enough healthy foods will give you the hair that you have always wanted. If you fill up on nutrients, then you will end up growing the healthiest hair that you have ever had.

    Zinc and Iron

    These are what cause your hair follicles to really grow. You should eat lean red meat, which is packed with these two vitamins at least twice a week. Pair it with non-meat sources like lentils or soybeans, with vitamin C foods such as orange to boost the absorption of the iron.

    Vitamin D

    This vitamin really activates hair growth, but it is a tricky vitamin. There are few foods that produce it naturally and you can produce more by sitting in the sun for a few minutes a day, but sitting in the sun has been advised against because of the UV rays. Best bet is to take in supplement form.


    This is a building block of your body. It promotes cell repair and growth as well as boosts the strength of your hair.

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    Eating a fatty fish such as Salmon at least twice a week to get well hydrated hair or take a supplement. In addition to getting silky hair, it also helps to relieve your depression and helps your heart.


    Eggs are full of this bad boy. This is a vitamin B that is essential for hair growth. Plus, eggs are packed with Vitamin D, protein, and choline. You can also just a take a supplement.

  • My Hairfinity Review!

    Does Hairfinity really work?

    Hair is person’s natural beauty enhancer. A good hairstyle makes a lot of difference in your appearance. Sometimes the right styling of hair is all you need to look and feel good when you are not keen on accessories. But a lot of styling can eventually damage your hair. Pollution, hectic work schedule, stress and many other factors today make you lose hair which is not normal at all. A person loses about a hundred strands in a day on an average. But, when there is an increase in this number, it is time to take the right action.  That is the point at which I ran over

    Hair and its nourishment

    Hair is keratin tissue which requires a lot of proteins for nourishment. But our everyday diet does not provide the necessary nourishment to our hair. Thus many face problems like dry hair, frizzy hair and damaged hair problems. Just hair care or beauty product just won’t do. What you really need is a complete healthy solution, which would nourish your hair from its roots and making it healthy from within. This in turn would lead to lesser and eventually no hair problems like hair loss, dryness and hair damage.

    A product that works on your hair from within is Hairfinity. It is available in pills. This makes it easy for consumption. This works in a natural way to nourish your hair by providing it essential vitamins and amino acids that are required to make your hair healthy and strong.

    Is it the solution for my hair loss problems? Natural ingredient that actually works

    The best part of Hairfinity is that it does not boast of magic ingredients which are promised by other hair products in the market. They are transparent with their composition. The Hairfinity pills are like food to the hair helping in making your hair soft, healthy and easily manageable. Hair loss is a problem faced by many individuals and the hair transplant may be the only solution for some. But with genuine products like Hairfinity you can save a lot of money and your time that you would otherwise spend on visiting the haircare specialists that would rarely give you good results.  The main competitor to Hairfinity is Viviscal.  You can find coupons for viviscal here –

    The secret ingredient that clicks

    Biotin is the active ingredient in Hairfinity pills which actually makes the product work. When a person increases his/her biotin intake, it is essential to drink plenty of water. Water is again a basic requirement and an individual hold drink at least 7 to 8 liters of water every day.

    What protein/amino acids are in Hair

    Hair is comprised of the protein keratin, which gives the hair its quality. Amino acids are the building pieces of proteins. Hairfinity offers the accompanying fundamental amino acids: methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, soleucine, Leucine, lysine, valine. Likewise gives amino acids: valine, tyrosine, serine, PROLINE, Histidine, glycine, corrosive, Glumatic, aspartic corrosive, hydroxyproline, hydroxylysine, arginine and alanine.

    Silica (horsetail extract) keeps up collagen and flexibility of the hair to keep up gleaming hair.

    Safety and side effects: No side effects at all

    Anyone who wants healthy hair gain and healthy hair can use Hairfinity. But make sure that you drink plenty of water to avoid side effects like acne. The Hairfinity pills are very safe with no side effects as such. But care must be taken to ensure that you drink plenty of water due to the concentration of the active hair growth factor which is biotin in the pills. If you are someone thinking about hair implants and transplantation then Hairfinity is a must try for you.

    Hairfinity coupons

    I realized that it was actually cheaper to buy through Amazon than anywhere else.  The Hairfinity coupons that I’ve found in the past didn’t work as well as just going direct to Amazon.  If you do want to try to use a Hairfinity coupon – try here.  Another option is this link.