The secret to having that strong, thick, and shiny hair isn’t the type of expensive shampoo that you use or salon treatments that cost a lot. It is all about what you are eating. Eating enough healthy foods will give you the hair that you have always wanted. If you fill up on nutrients, then you will end up growing the healthiest hair that you have ever had.

Zinc and Iron

These are what cause your hair follicles to really grow. You should eat lean red meat, which is packed with these two vitamins at least twice a week. Pair it with non-meat sources like lentils or soybeans, with vitamin C foods such as orange to boost the absorption of the iron.

Vitamin D

This vitamin really activates hair growth, but it is a tricky vitamin. There are few foods that produce it naturally and you can produce more by sitting in the sun for a few minutes a day, but sitting in the sun has been advised against because of the UV rays. Best bet is to take in supplement form.


This is a building block of your body. It promotes cell repair and growth as well as boosts the strength of your hair.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Eating a fatty fish such as Salmon at least twice a week to get well hydrated hair or take a supplement. In addition to getting silky hair, it also helps to relieve your depression and helps your heart.


Eggs are full of this bad boy. This is a vitamin B that is essential for hair growth. Plus, eggs are packed with Vitamin D, protein, and choline. You can also just a take a supplement.