There is nothing more discouraging than having thinning or slow growing hair. Every shampoo and dye commercial is almost like a slap to the face. Everyone you know has silky and long tresses. It is because of this that most people turn to shampoo for growing hair in order to help boost the production of hair. There are a lot of issues that cause hair loss and slow growth, which include genetics, clogged follicles, poor diet, and poor circulation. Below are great hair growth shampoos.


FoliRevita Hair Volumizing and Regrowth Formula

This is a really inexpensive shampoo that helps with hair regrowth as well as helps to prevent hair loss and hair fall that contains ingredients like Niacin, Mango Seed Butter, and Saw Palmetto extract. This is great because it feels like you are actually getting thicker hair with more volume. It also has a nice citrus smell that leaves you refreshed after using it. But, it is pretty thick and hard to lather up.

PURA D’OR Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Shampoo with Argan Oil

This is a really popular shampoo that is equipped with Biotin and Niacin. It also has argan oil and green tea extracts that help to balance out your scalp. Your hair will become stronger and firmer when it comes to texture after being used for a while. It helps to reduce hair fall as well. But also is known for drying out hair so it is best to use it with a really good conditioner.