Biotin also known as Vitamin B7, happens to be a water soluble vitamin that is considered one of the main parts of the vitamin B complex, which happens to be a group of main nutrients that is needed for healthy digestive, metabolic, cardiovascular, and nerve functions.

Biotin essentially acts as a co-enzyme in your body that is needed for the metabolism of your fatty acids, glucose, and amino acids. This means that whenever we eat foods that are the needed sources of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, Biotin needs to be present in order to convert as well as use these particular macro-nutrients for your body’s energy, which is in turn used to carry out your physical activities and for good psychological functions.

Biotin also happens to be a nutrient that helps to keep you keep an attractive and youthful appearance because it plays a big part in maintaining the health of skin, nails, and hair. Biotin also has the nickname H Vitamin, which comes from Haar and Haut, which means hair and skin. Biotin is normally added to many skin and hair products, but it is not fully beneficial if it is absorbed through the skin because it needs to be ingested to be actually beneficial.

You can find biotin in foods such as eggs, cauliflower, organ meats, fish, mushrooms, avocado, berries and legumes.