There has been scientifically proven research done to show that amino acids are actually linked to your hair growth. Being able to consume a diet that has a lot of amino acids, can actually help your hair to grow in thicker and faster and even prevent hair loss.

There are well over 20 different amino acids that play a huge role in how our body works. Only 12 of those, are produced within our body. The rest we have to find a way to put them in our diets and through supplements.

Hair is mainly made up of the protein Keratin that will give you hair strength. There are only 4 major amino acids that really help hair growth while the others help your hair, skin, and nails.


This is a crucial amino acid for hair growth. It helps to produce healthy hair growth as well as stimulates new hair growth. It is a big antioxidant that shields your hair from damage. It also provides the needed Sulphur to your hair cells to improve strength and texture. You can get this by eating yogurt, broccoli, milk, chicken, brussels sprouts, and wheat germ.


This amino acid is a brick house. It is used to battle hair loss. You can find it sesame seeds, cereal grains, eggs, fish, and brazil nuts.


This is a power house of nitric oxide and it is big for stimulating hair growth. This amino acid pumps up the supply of blood to the root of your hair. You can get it from sesame seeds, wheat germ, fish, sunflower seeds, coconuts, hazelnuts, and cashews.


This is naturally produced in our bodies and it is responsible for the coloration of your hair and skin. This is what produces melanin. It also helps with depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. You can get this from dairy and soy products, fish, pumpkin seeds, lima beans, and almonds.