For the past few years my family and I have been on a food journey. As I have grown in my motherhood and wifehood, I began to feel guilty about the food that I fed my family. When we were first married we ate out constantly. Both Mr. Daddy and myself were working, plus I was pregnant with Ballerina. I feel like I had no idea that being a wife and soon to be mother meant that I had to cook dinner every night. Our eating habits were poor at the time, as was our nutrition.
When Ballerina was born and starting eating adult food, I began to by more wholesome food, along with some organic and less processed food. At that point I was trying to more look the part, rather then making actual real changes.

As time has gone on, we have not only added Lady P. to our family, but we have taken a real step toward eating healthier. For the most part I buy organic produce, meats, and other food. We don’t eat processed frozen food, drink juice, or have sweets like cookies in our home. All of this has been a gradual, but good change. The more junk we cut the better we feel. The more junk we cut, the better Ballerina’s behavior becomes.

A few months ago a group of my friends were talking about the paleo diet. I did some research, but vetoed it. Even though I loved the concept it seemed way to hard and their was no way Mr. Daddy would go for it. Little did I know that soon the idea would grow more and more on me. I began to picture what our family would look like if we began to eat the paleo way. Then I stared reading the Biblical Home Making blog, she coined the phrase” original food diet”. I really like the phrase “original food diet.” Though it is slightly different then paleo (read more about it here). It sparked the idea of eating only the foods that God created. Instead of eating man made food in a factory somewhere.Food that I have no idea what is going in it.

The past two months I have been researching and planning. The new year seemed like the perfect time to begin this journey. Mr. Daddy is fully in agreement, as are the children, since they really don’t know other wise. So this is my Paleo/original food diet/lifestyle.

We eat

  • Meat/fish- I believe that we were meant to eat some meat. We buy, when possible grass fed.antibiotic free meat.
  • Vegetables- Vegetables are so good for our body, we eat them with every meal.
  • Fruit- Fruit is also so good for us. We use fruit to give us essential vitamins. Typically we eat it at break fast time and for a snack. I do limit it some, since fruit does contain sugar.
  • Eggs- Eggs are full of protein and I believe are something that even Adam and Eve would eat. We usually have eggs for breakfast, since they leave us full and ready to start the day!
  • Nuts and seeds*- Nuts and seeds offer a great punch of protein. However, we do limit them since our ancestors would not have easy/everyday access to them.

We don’t eat

  • Processed foods- Such as crackers, frozen dinners, bread(store bought), ect. My belief is that I would rather my food be grow by the local farmer then in a lab some where.
  • Refind Sugar- I am a sugar junkie. I just don’t like the way it makes me feel.
  • Starchy root vegetables*- While I do think our ancestors would eat root vegetables, we try to limit them as much as possible. Since they break down as sugar, they once again make me feel horrible.
  • Dairy*- I don’t think dairy is bad (as long as it is made with whole milk and is as raw as possible. However, my kids and husband are lactose intolerant. It is easier to cut out dairy right now. Later, when we have the lifestyle down we will add it slowly in.
  • Grain- It has been very hard to cut it our solely, but we have reduced it greatly. Grains(seeds) prevent our bodies from absorbing important nutrients.

All this will hopefully keep you looking beautiful and you won’t need products like Hairfinity (which I’ve reviewed here).